About Us

About Us

We wanted to take the guess work and overload from the thousands of baby products out there and bring you one complete and comprehensive baby package. Get everything you will need for your newborn’s first few months delivered straight to your home.


Our Story

Our story as first time parents was a bit different than most… or maybe not. We discovered we were expecting 6 months into our pregnancy! With only a little over 3 months to prepare, we had to hit the ground running! With more serious concerns about our baby’s health, development, and cramped housing, thinking about the day-to-day items we would need for our baby took a back burner.

A couple weeks and a few more doctor visits later, we discovered we had a healthy and growing baby boy! Finally, we were able to tell our friends and family the exciting news! Amongst the many questions we were fielding, we were asked “Where are you registered?”, to which we had no answer.

First we tried online. To say we were overwhelmed by the number of places to register and the amount of items/brands/designs to choose from online is an understatement. Take for example, a baby car seat. I had to consider design, style, brand, performance, and price. Which is the best one? What brand is the safest? Should I register for a car seat and a stroller? Can I mix and match car seat and stroller? What is a Travel System? Oh my god do I really have a friend that is going to buy me a $400 dollar travel system? This went on for 40 plus other items I didn’t know I needed. There had to be a better way!

We then tried registering at a store. The item selection was smaller, which oddly was nice, it wasn’t as overwhelming. Going through and scanning items with the scan gun was nice, but as we were scanning we began to realize, who is actually going to come to the store, look up our registry, buy and item and send it to us? Did we register everything we needed? We knew we were going to be lucky to get a couple of the items we selected. There had to be a better way.

Frustrated I came home that night and said, “I wish there was a baby starter kit”, with all the things we would need for our baby. I would pay money if someone would just tell me exactly what I needed, what I didn’t need, and which items were the best.

After a quick search I realized this didn’t exist, it was then and there that I decided to build the ultimate baby starter pack! I also decided I was going to integrate the crowdfunding idea behind registries and disrupt the way stores do registries. The idea for BabyStork was born!



Jorge Rivera, Biologist


Sasha Cota, Social Worker

Our Unique Approach

Traditionally, after registering at either an online store or a brick-and-mortar, friends and family can decided which of your selected gifts they want to buy you. But, this presents a problem! Because gifts range in price points, you can potentially alienate friends and family that are unable to purchase a gift you selected if it is outside their budget. Most of the time they end up grabbing you an item in their price range, but maybe not in your registry. While there is nothing wrong with that, it could leave you with the cost of buying items you absolutely need but did not receive.

Imagine if you could get exactly all the supplies and items you need and could include everyone and their budget! That is what WE allow you to do, by allowing your friends and family to contribute in whatever capacity and saving them the work of going to a store and looking for your items.

How we did this

The idea was to create an all inclusive new baby package with great items in terms of quality, price, and function.

We have researched and found some of the best products out in the market. We have created a package of some of the highest rated new baby items that you will need when expecting a baby.

After all your friends and family have helped contribute to your baby package, you can pay the difference, or if covered in full, your baby package will ship in time to welcome your new baby home.

Register as early as possible to give your friends and family more time to contribute. Let us know your due date and your package will arrive early in your third trimester so that you can begin to prepare for your new baby.

This package was AMAZING! This took all the worry out of trying to figure out what to buy. ALL of our friends and family loved it. It made it so easy for EVERYONE to help us prepare for our newborn
Mariana Cortez

Ready to Get your own BabyStork Package?

Or if you want to tailer our current package to better suit you, contact us, we will help you build the exact package you want!.