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Shop from our selected products, make sure to choose products from each of our six categories to ensure you get a complete package for your baby needs

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Our Six Categories

These six categories ensure that you are thinking about everything your baby needs


Travel Systems, Diaper Bag, Travel Changing Station and Carrier/Sling


Shirts, Head Gear, Mittens and Socks


Formula, Bottles, Feeding Cover and Pacifiers


Bath Tub, Wash Cloth, Baby Towel, Baby Shampoo and Baby Lotion


Bassinet and Baby Blanket

Health and Development

Diapers, Wipies, Diaper Pail, Baby Powder, Rash Cream and First Aid Kit

Shipping cost


Once your order is ready, we will get everything together, boxed up, and shipped for you. 

BabyStork Fee

$125 Per Package & 10% Campaign fee

We charge a flat fee for to gather, arrange and package your items. Our fee is normally added to the your campaign total

  • $125 Fee
  • 10% Campaign Fee

First Baby Offer

Get a discount if this is your first baby registry with us


What happens if I do not meet my campaign total?

You can tailor your package to more closely match your campaign total.

What if I have to cancel my campaign ?

Not a problem at all, send us an email with your name and campaign title. We will reimburse all your friends and family and close your account.

Can I request a payout of my campaign money?

Unfortunately we will not do that. Your friends and family are supporting your baby package. It would be dishonest to them to give you a payout.

What if you don't carry an item I absolutely want on my registry package?

 If you want to change/add to you package we can work with you to get the exact items you want in  your package. Fill our a change order form letting us know the exact product, price, color, size and link to website. We will try our best to add it to your registry

I am missing an item from my delivery

Contact us and explain what you are missing, we will figure it out

Do my items have a warranty?

Depending on the item and what the issue is the product might have a warranty from the store or the manufacture. Let us know if an item is defective.

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